Searching for apartments or houses to purchase (or rent) is a service with very high added value which aims to simplify the real estate search for demanding clients.
At Arsène Immobilier, we understand that each client is unique, as are their housing needs and aspirations. Our apartment searching service is designed to meet the expectations of the most discerning clients, providing an exceptional real estate experience from start to finish.
The goal is that the search for your property does not take too long for you and that you are not forced to make too many concessions to make your real estate project a reality. We establish a detailed and comprehensive customer discovery meeting with you, where we attempt to define specifications based on your verbal and non-verbal communication, your dreams, your tastes, your lifestyle, your configuration. family, etc.
Thanks to our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the Paris real estate market, we have access to exclusive properties that are not always available on the public market. You will be among the first to discover dream apartments, elegant lofts and luxury residences.
Real estate research can be time-consuming. Let us do all the work for you. We carry out in-depth research on 100% of the market (individuals, agencies, notaries, trustees, advertisements, off-market), prequalify properties, organize private viewings and negotiate the terms of the contract. You will save valuable time and avoid the hassle of searching for properties.
Our apartment searching service goes beyond simple research. We support you at every stage of the process, from selection of the property to signing. We also facilitate administrative procedures, including drafting the contract.
We understand that privacy is essential, especially for our high-end clientele. You can count on our absolute discretion in every transaction.
Whether you are looking for an elegant Haussmann-style apartment in the heart of Paris, a contemporary loft in the 16th arrondissement or a prestigious villa in the west of Paris, and whatever the destination of your project (primary residence, secondary residence or simply rental investment) , we are here to help you carry out all your real estate projects. Entrust us with your search, and we will help you find the property that suits you.