Rental management has been the specialty and priority of Arsène Immobilier since the creation of the agency, which is a strong element of differentiation compared to other agencies for which rental management does not represent the core business. Their priority is often sales because rental management generally accounts for less than 10% of their turnover. It is often provided by a real estate agent during off-peak hours. This often has an impact on the responsiveness of the manager, the vacancy rate of the property and the quality of service in general.
Managing real estate is time-consuming and requires solid knowledge of the real estate market and rental legislation, which changes from year to year (diagnostics, rent controls, etc.).
In order to be as fast, efficient and transparent as possible, Arsène Immobilier has digitized all rental management processes: virtual tours, online rental file submissions, electronic signatures, online payments, etc.
Furthermore, our multilingual team (French, English, German) displays first-class responsiveness by telephone, email and Whatsapp, 7 days a week. Our service is therefore particularly suitable for expatriate owners.
Calling on Arsène Immobilier to manage your property is above all an opportunity for the owner to free up time and delegate administrative management tasks and visits. It is also the assurance of a very rapid search for serious tenants and the assurance of minimizing your rental vacancy rate. Finally, thanks to back-office automation, you receive your net rents in less than 7 days after payment by your tenants.
We then become the main contact for your tenants and other stakeholders. We represent you on a daily basis and defend your interests against experts, co-ownership, technical service providers and tenants, always with kindness, transparency and intelligence.
For each property or portfolio managed, we define together how you wish to be informed throughout the rental in order to offer you a tailor-made service.
For a reasonable cost, Arsène Immobilier supports you and advises you in all stages of renting your property (rent amount, assets of the property to rent, etc.).
Our rental management service includes:
  • • Management of property and tenant maintenance
  • • Complete administrative and financial management of the property on your behalf


Day and night, we take care of your home and its occupants.
In the event of a problem, we intervene quickly and at the best cost to preserve the tenant's facilities and comfort. We also analyze responsibilities and settle the distribution of costs (tenant/owner/insurance).
Keys / Meters: Management of keys (distribution, loss, duplicate) and energy meters
Monitoring of technical interventions: specifications, competitive bidding, validation, reception, budget monitoring
Facility maintenance
24/7 technical emergency number
Monitoring of insurance claims: relations with the trustee and the expert, creation of the file (photos, quotes, etc.), monitoring of compensation, completion of the work.
Completion of the exit inventory:
  • • Calculation of deductions based on damage and the law
  • • Refurbishment Recommendations
  • • Warranty release
  • • Cleaning of the property
  • • Monitoring of restoration services in order to minimize rental vacancy
Daily management of tenants:
We answer all their questions at any time.
We also ensure that they behave as well as possible and maintain the accommodation in good condition.
We answer their calls and questions relating to housing or common areas or the application of co-ownership regulations.


Management of financial flows: monthly reconciliation of receipts and payments to owners in D+7
Monitoring of your management available in real time (accounting, incidents) on your online space.
Generation of your notices of due dates/receipts, indexation of your rents and revisions of your charges
Constitution and release of guarantees
Registration of leases
Monitoring of unpaid debts: analysis of outstanding amounts, payment reminders (email, mail) and management of responses
Recovery: transfer and monitoring of the file with the lawyer throughout the litigation
Management of co-ownership charges: analysis of charges, calculation of fixed rates and provisions for tenant charges, monitoring and possible revaluation, establishment of annual statements for owners/tenants, explanations and reconciliations with tenants and owners
Inventories: programming and monitoring of entry and exit inventory
Management of your work up to 2000 EUR including tax and beyond.
Payment of co-ownership charges
Annual rent indexation: calculation and administrative follow-up with the tenant
Negotiation of framework contracts with technical service providers
Help with complete tax declaration
Attendance at the annual general meeting: analysis of the agenda and documents, preparation of topics, travel, voting and defense of the owner's interests