At Arsène Immobilier, our Property Manager does not just keep your property, he takes care of it as if it were ours, enhances it and ensures that it is always ready to receive your guests or your next stay.
Our Property Manager manages your keys, beeps, alarm and wifi codes for your property and can come on site to hand over keys or even welcome your guests.
It records the contents of your mailbox each time and sends you any letters that require your attention.
Our Property Manager ventilates your apartment, handles repairs, from plumbing to electrical, quickly and efficiently. He takes care of gardening, mowing the lawn, pruning trees, etc. It sends you regular visual reports so you can see for yourself the impeccable condition of your property.
Your security is our priority. Our Property Manager monitors your property, activates the alarm system, and makes sure everything is in order. Surveillance companies can contact us if your property's alarm goes off.
Ahead of your Parisian stay, our Property Manager prepares your apartment down to the smallest detail according to your wishes (flowers, food shopping, deep cleaning, personalized settings for air conditioning, pillows, etc.).
Our Property Manager also prepares your property for the arrival of your guests. Everything is impeccable, from the clean sheets to the equipment in perfect working order.
Our Property Manager organizes annual inspections of gas appliances and fireplaces, which are required to comply with insurance.
Our Property Manager also assists you, if you wish, in the recruitment of qualified household staff (housekeepers, butlers, housekeeping staff, cooks, chefs, security personnel, etc.).
Our Property Manager can also monitor your construction sites with inspection and progress report.