What questions should you ask during visits to purchase a property?

This allows you to adjust your purchasing budget with a new budget for work to be planned. Ideally, it may be relevant to be accompanied by an architect or a contractor for all trades for this technical phase.

This will allow you to get an idea of the future cost of energy to live in the property. And this will allow you to also provision for energy improvement work to avoid, for example, no longer being able to rent the property as is the case for class G “thermal sieve” housing in 2028 or class E in 2034 (pay attention to these last details could be called into question in the future).

All of these elements can have an impact on the sound and thermal insulation of the property. Furthermore, replacing the frames of a property can represent a significant budget if they are dilapidated/old.

These 2 items can represent significant budgets in certain cases and only very rarely decrease.

This makes it possible to determine if there are perhaps hidden defects in this property (noise pollution, water damage, etc.) and the possible margin for negotiation.

If the property has been on sale for a certain time and this period is longer than average, this may indicate a lack of interest in the property from other buyers and it will be advisable to carefully consider the reasons which may motivate this strong lack of interest.

It is imperative to inquire with the town planning services of the town concerned to find out if major construction is planned in the neighborhood or if the town hall or other players have major projects which could destabilize the area on the real estate market.