You are a refined, elegant and demanding client with a high-quality property and you wish to sell it or entrust it to us for rental management. You like having a single, dedicated contact with in-depth real estate expertise, a high level of responsiveness and peace of mind. You are sensitive to the luxury boutique spirit, with a tailor-made “hand-stitched” service. Mutual trust is an essential concept for you in general and in particular in real estate. You want a real estate agency that stands out through the quality of its service and its sense of customer service. We are the ideal partner for you: we are a trusted high-end real estate agency with a different vision of the real estate agent profession, focused on the use of modern technologies, great attention to detail and responsiveness first class.

As part of our rental management mandate:

  • We provide our owners with administrative, legal and tax monitoring. Our employees regularly undergo training allowing them to integrate new legislation.
  • We provide a careful and personalized study to each candidate tenant file.
  • We draft leases and take inventory.
  • We ensure the proper maintenance of the property and its compliance with the obligations and standards in force.
  • We can ensure the completion and monitoring of the necessary work in prior consultation with the owner.

Our agency has several specificities compared to others. We mainly work with relocation agencies, embassies and mobility services of large international companies (for example L'Oreal, Renault, Decathlon, Pentalog, HSBC, BNP Paribas or the Embassy of Japan). This type of relationship allows us to sign civil code leases in approximately 32% of cases in the context of a function or a secondary residence, which can be attractive and more reassuring for our owners since they are then engaged with a more financially solid client (professional client or business) and a rental contract which offers more flexibility for the owner in terms of duration, amount of rent, level of deposit, etc.

In the case of a tenant search, we are talking about the rental of your property only (including the initial rental estimate, marketing with promotion and advertising of the property through advertisements), visits, constitutions, analyzes and selection tenant files, drafting of the lease and deposits and the inventory of the premises of entry / inventory), not its management over time (monitoring of unpaid bills, small maintenance work, monthly receipt from the tenant, monthly calls from rents, collection of rents then monthly payment of rents to owners, annual increase in rents, payment of charges to the trustee, regularization of rental charges, recovery of household waste tax, payment of property tax, assistance with tax declaration ...).

These are in fact 2 additional services that you will need if you want complete peace of mind.

We are part of a group of luxury services including a luxury concierge service, a boutique hotel in the 8th arrondissement and our high-end real estate agency. We work daily for a very demanding, wealthy clientele and we know their needs and requests well.

We have been offering property management services in Paris for 15 years to wealthy foreign clients who want their property in Paris to be taken care of all year round, with the greatest care, so that it is always in impeccable condition, ready to welcome them for a stay at any time. Our dedicated teams visit your property at a regular and high frequency (every week, twice a month, monthly, etc.) for a complete inspection: reception and processing of daily mail, payment of supplier invoices, taxes, etc., verification of plumbing. , electricity, heating, internet connection, declaration and monitoring in the event of water damage (search for leaks), reception of your packages/packages, monitoring of the remote monitoring system, upkeep and maintenance work (painting, bathroom seals, etc.), daily or more in-depth cleaning by hotel teams, pest control, cleaning of curtains, etc.

Before your Parisian stay, we prepare your apartment down to the smallest detail according to your wishes (flowers, food shopping, deep cleaning, personalized settings for air conditioning, pillows, etc.).

By signing an exclusive sales mandate with our agency, you are doing yourself the honor of showing us your complete confidence in one of the most important transactions of your life. The exclusive mandate also means that we have greater leeway to communicate, promote your property and present it to our best clients. In return, we offer you:

  • A First-Rate Personalized Service : By opting for an exclusive mandate, you benefit from an exceptional and entirely personalized level of service. Our dedicated team is dedicated exclusively to the sale of your property, implementing a tailor-made strategy to achieve your objectives.
  • Confidentiality Assured : We understand the importance of privacy, especially for our high-end clients. By signing an exclusive mandate, you have the guarantee that your property is managed with discretion, thus limiting unwanted exposure. We restrict the dissemination of information to what is strictly necessary for effective marketing of the property.
  • Exclusivity and Promotion : Your property will benefit from exclusive visibility, with targeted communication with potential buyers specific to your property. We make your property a priority and put it forward in an exceptional way.
  • Access to an Exclusive Network : Arsene Immobilier maintains strong relationships with an exclusive network of buyers, investors and real estate professionals. By choosing the exclusive mandate, you will have access to this network of choice, which can speed up the sale or rental process.
  • Quality Management : Managing your high-end property requires meticulous attention to detail. Our experienced team provides quality management, ensuring that your property is impeccably maintained and presented.
  • Saving Time and Energy : By entrusting us with an exclusive mandate, you save time and energy. We take care of every step, from marketing to final negotiation, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.
  • Optimal Results : By engaging us in an exclusive relationship, you give us the opportunity to devote our resources and expertise to the sale or management of your property. This often results in optimal pricing results and faster transactions.
  • Long Term Commitment : An exclusive mandate demonstrates your commitment to our agency, which strengthens our long-term relationship. We pride ourselves on serving our most demanding customers over the long term, ensuring their continued satisfaction.

We are here to support you in carrying out your high-end real estate projects. Contact us today to discuss signing an exclusive mandate and find out how we can transform your real estate ambitions into an exceptional reality.

Arsène Immobilier holds the professional real estate management and transaction card, issued by the Paris IDF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and adheres to the code of ethics for real estate professions. Arsène Immobilier benefits from the financial guarantee of the Caisse Européenne de Garanties et Cautions (Groupe BPCE) and holds MMA Professional Civil Liability insurance.

Yes, this is entirely possible. We use electronic signature systems for our mandates such as SignNow or Dropbox Sign. You can therefore sign a mandate with us from anywhere in the world and whenever you want.

Yes, we are specialized in these issues and we have a very good vision of the possibilities offered by the Parisian market: investment in parking lots, commercial spaces, offices, an apartment in classic furnished rental or seasonal rental and others more original solutions... Each year we support around ten investors in a rental investment project, we therefore have the necessary partners in our network: brokers, insurers, companies of all trades, architects, decorators, etc.

No, we attach great importance to the coherence of our approach as a whole. We want to offer the best goods to our customers who are generally demanding individuals or large international companies. We therefore carefully select the properties that we take into our portfolio for rental management: we only accept properties with a minimum size of 20m2, in excellent general condition (refurbished in recent years and up to standards), and located in luxury condominiums, decorated in a fairly neutral and elegant way.

We work with all the major market players and adapt communication and distribution according to the specificities of the property and the wishes of our clients: SeLoger, BellesDemeures, Properties Le Figaro, GDC, as well as around thirty reference real estate sites internationally.

We have worked in complete confidence for more than 10 years with several prestigious notary offices in Paris with whom we will be delighted to put you in contact as part of a sale by us.